Floating worlds
Wet Diary 

In the moving beds of Japanese rivers,
an exploration of the concept of “floating worlds”

Designers Céline Pelcé (FR) and Aliki van der Kruijs (NL) are currently researching the water ways in Japan during a traveling residency. They aim to use textiles, food and words as a medium to support interactive local encounters and explore ways to behave like water, embracing movement and flexibility towards contemporary issues. 

Expanding the research and using different tools, a series of encounters with locals, creatives, farmers, botanists and natural resources create a moment around the idea of water as a metaphorical foundation.

By working together with the locals, Aliki and Céline grow a sensorial archive of experiences to explore a multitude of relationship with water. This website functions as a subjective diary to share these encounters.

Ukiha, Fukuoka prefect    

Distant thunder

Spirit of fire = spirit of water
I want to communicate the heart of water, the heart of land.

Tofu is the meeting of soft water and sea water
Eating water flavored by plants

Water ropes from the mountain
Minou mountain
Water knots

— Cha

The best way to look at a kimono is under the moonlight, or with candles.

Swallows return

Come as the way, come for the way
Mizu people
Hands of water
Reality is like a dream

You shouldn’t think too much about the rules, otherwise you’ll miss the air

The water is saturated in the blood
internalized, not an object, it’s in you.

Put the cut herbs clockwise in a bowl, with a slice of turnip in the back (the moon) and a slice of radish in the front (the sun).
You’re now an adult.

Wild geese fly north

Artemisia, Horsetail, ground ivy
Water censors, pillar of life
Blue is the hardest, white is more soft.

First rainbows