Floating worlds
Wet Diary 

In the moving beds of Japanese rivers,
an exploration of the concept of “floating worlds”

Designers Céline Pelcé (FR) and Aliki van der Kruijs (NL) are currently researching the water ways in Japan during a traveling residency. They aim to use textiles, food and words as a medium to support interactive local encounters and explore ways to behave like water, embracing movement and flexibility towards contemporary issues. 

Expanding the research and using different tools, a series of encounters with locals, creatives, farmers, botanists and natural resources create a moment around the idea of water as a metaphorical foundation.

By working together with the locals, Aliki and Céline grow a sensorial archive of experiences to explore a multitude of relationship with water. This website functions as a subjective diary to share these encounters.

Ukiha, Fukuoka prefect    

Fire cracking
Bamboo collapsing
We came with the storm

Fire cracking
Cracking by looking
Sweet sounds

Is the water there deeper and thicker?

A sound of rain
Families of scents and ears
Silence for more noise 

Water oracle 
— a river can stream out
Keep listening to the silence 

Inventing water in a magical site
Responses to a river full of tones

Picked up from the river to extract pigments
Do you think the river is happy? 
The reply

Branches to paint, leaves of all kinds, crabs.
Being more patterns then static matter.