Floating worlds
Wet Diary 

In the moving beds of Japanese rivers,
an exploration of the concept of “floating worlds”

Designers Céline Pelcé (FR) and Aliki van der Kruijs (NL) are currently researching the water ways in Japan during a traveling residency. They aim to use textiles, food and words as a medium to support interactive local encounters and explore ways to behave like water, embracing movement and flexibility towards contemporary issues. 

Expanding the research and using different tools, a series of encounters with locals, creatives, farmers, botanists and natural resources create a moment around the idea of water as a metaphorical foundation.

By working together with the locals, Aliki and Céline grow a sensorial archive of experiences to explore a multitude of relationship with water. This website functions as a subjective diary to share these encounters.

Ukiha, Fukuoka prefect    

Salt tides
Salt seeds
Salt that tastes soft
Salt as a mosaic of volumes
Salt related to place
Salt knows the place

What makes it better is not written
Not stated on the back of the producer

Amount of water
Temperature humidity
The hearth and the feeling - spirituality of the makers

Dry water taste good, wet water tastes bad

Water     of summer
            of autumn
        of winter
   of spring

The circulation from the roots in the mountains 
springing in the tides. Clear cold water sprouts from the sandbedding. Opening the textures with veins. 

Salt floating in between
Salt harvested in the rich ecosystme of this complex
Salt for a healthy being
Salt depending on the woods
Salt waits for the next sun spell

Ribbles with sweet waters