Floating worlds
Wet Diary 

In the moving beds of Japanese rivers,
an exploration of the concept of “floating worlds”

Designers Céline Pelcé (FR) and Aliki van der Kruijs (NL) are currently researching the water ways in Japan during a traveling residency. They aim to use textiles, food and words as a medium to support interactive local encounters and explore ways to behave like water, embracing movement and flexibility towards contemporary issues. 

Expanding the research and using different tools, a series of encounters with locals, creatives, farmers, botanists and natural resources create a moment around the idea of water as a metaphorical foundation.

By working together with the locals, Aliki and Céline grow a sensorial archive of experiences to explore a multitude of relationship with water. This website functions as a subjective diary to share these encounters.

Ukiha, Fukuoka prefect    

Come as the way, come for the way
Mizu people
Hands of water
Reality is like a dream

You shouldn’t think too much about the rules, otherwise you’ll miss the air

The water is saturated in the blood
internalized, not an object, it’s in you.

Put the cut herbs clockwise in a bowl, with a slice of turnip in the back (the moon) and a slice of radish in the front (the sun).
You’re now an adult.

First rainbow

Genta 8824
in the field of stars

Wheat grain contains 13% water. 
Noodle also contains 13% of water.
Some water gets in, some water dries out, humidity stays the same.

Eating noodles is like eating water. Fluid as a river streaming down the throat, noodle revolution is starting. 

Salt, wheat and water.
Salt, magnesium, and soy beans
Salt in the water of our body.

In the clay
In the air, coming from the rivers of China
Bringing odd numbers into a too regular structure.

First reeds sprouts
The earth trembled and water became black. As the underground was talking, expressing years and decades of stirring, of mixing; what circulated in clear channels before, parallel, all of a sudden met, chaos. The channel diameter probably changed. Millions of micro organisms became free in a bath, spreading all over the place, darkening the water and the skin, embedded in all the cracks, veins, pores, fibers.